The Lonely

Sophia and Ethan were having a spectacular Halloween. Together, they traveled 4 neighbourhoods and filled two plastic pumpkins to the top with candy a piece. However, the time for trick or treating was coming to a close, and behind them families would shut off their porch lights as they walked down their driveways. After the kids’ last house visit on a popular, well lit street, Sophia spotted a purple glow coming from a lonelier home two blocks and up the hill some way. “Let’s go Ethan, one more and we’ll go back to the car!”

They waved to their parents and pointed to the house, then ran across the road toward the lonely home. A single purple lighted spider web gave the house its modest glow. There was no other light on, and no lamps near the road. All the other homes were dark, and it made their final stop seem… more final. “Plink-bong,” the doorbell chimed. A woman dressed as a banshee slowly opened the door. Grey, tattered robes swept the floor around her, white makeup caked her face and she had black mascara layered all around her eyes. “Oh how fun!” She said as she smiled and held a cauldron of lollipops out to the children.

“Trick or Treat!” Ethan and Sophia sang, then reached into the bowl.

“And what might the two of you be?” The banshee asked before setting down the bowl.

“A troll!” Said Ethan before he stomped off to the sidewalk.

“An evil fairy!” Said Sophia, and lingered for another candy. “Thank you!” Sophia beamed before turning to go.

Ethan was gone.

“Ethan? Where did you go!” She spun around and the lady’s smile was replaced by concern. “Did you see where my brother went?”

“Come inside, girl. I’ll find Ethan while you stay here where it’s safe.”

“No!” Sophia yelled and she ran for the road. She stopped when she saw Ethan at the top of the driveway, walking back toward the door as it closed.

Ethan was confused about why Sophia was screaming “No!” and running up the drive. “You’re weird.” He told her, and as he rolled the lollipop he took from the lady around in his mouth he rang the doorbell again. “Trick or treat!”

A woman dressed as a banshee slowly opened the door. “Oh how fun!” She said as she smiled and held a bowl of lollipops out to the children. “What might the two of you be?”

Sophia was shocked, “I’m an evil fairy. We were just here.”

“What? No we haven’t. I’m a troll.” Ethan and the banshee looked at each other, the both of them also confused, as he stuck his hand in the cauldron and took more of the candy.

Sophia grabbed a lollipop before telling the lady, “Thank you, bye.” Sophia kept her head low and nervously scanned the ground. She didn’t understand, but she was eager to get back to their parent’s car, she grabbed her brother’s hand to make sure this wouldn’t happen again. “Let’s go.” Sophia decided to wait until they were away from the woman’s house before she asked what just happened, and unwrapped a lollipop to chew on nervously before reaching the end of the driveway. She wrinkled her nose at the lollipop’s bitter taste.

Sophia stopped walking before she hit the sidewalk and turned around, Ethan was jerked back by his sister up to the porch. “Sophia what are you doing?” He squirmed free.

“Stop being weird.” She said. “We’re going to get this one last house before we go home, remember?”

“Yeah, but we were just there.” Ethan said.

“Ha ha, trying to trick me.” Sophia rang the doorbell and her brother had come up beside her before A woman dressed as a banshee slowly opened the door. “Trick or treat!” sang Sophia.

A woman dressed as a banshee slowly opened the door. “Oh how fun!” She said as she smiled and held a bowl of lollipops out to the children. “What might the two of you be?”

“We were just here, I’m a troll, remember?” The banshee and Sophia glanced at each other before looking at Ethan, confused.

A chill came upon the air. A thin fog crept in on the home. Two blocks away the parents of Sophie and Ethan were desperately going door to door, looking for their children, but no one saw where they had gone. When they reached the end of the road they looked across the street toward the wooded hill, and despaired to think their children would have gone into the woods, the pitch dark, the fog.

Sophia and Ethan spent the rest of their lives visiting the banshee, one after another confused, or boldly trick or treating on. Until they were so fat with candy that they could no longer move. The banshee cursed the woods with a lost fog, and she propped them up as her trophy children in her home.

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