A Samhain Prayer

A flash, and it’s starting! One orange sprite, then two, then three.

Oh, the spectacle of it all from this maple tree.

I remember:

The fire of three candles will light their ancestor’s way.

They give them simple gifts like raisins, and honey.

While clasping their hands and looking down they say:

You strong, you lost, you weak and forgotten.

You rich; And you poor.

You who lived and died happy, those who lived and died shunned.

I offer you respect, hospitality, and my love.

Grant me, ancestors, the gifts of your wisdom.

I bid you, enter and stay.

Without you I would never have existed.

Without you, our world would not be the same.


I give you my special remembrance,

On this important day, Samhain.

I thank you.

They blow out their candles and spend some time in the dark.

They speak to the ghosts that wander about them.

They laugh and they rejoice in the gathering.

It’s peaceful. I preen, and wait for the raisins in their yard.

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