mae wyau yn eich gwneud yn gryf

Kids did not like to go to the small house in the middle of the street on Halloween. For years the couple who lived there handed out rolled up papers, tied with plain ribbon, that had nothing written on them. The kids did not appreciate their “treats” at all.

This year a child unrolled the small scroll, and while remembering a lemon juice trick from his manual of “Super Secret Spy Stuff,” liberally coated the paper with the lemon bottle from the fridge. It worked! All these years and finally, he found meaning in the blank scrolls! However, he could not read what it said.

The writing looked, to him, arcane, sinister, even. Had he just discovered a spell!? Were the people down the street wizards or witches or warlocks? He always did think they were creepy. His mom told him to stay off that side of the road when he played, and pointed at the red dragon in the window.

He sat down and did his best to read it aloud: “Tymor gyda halen, pupur a phaprika.” Wow! He wondered if a beast or a demon would appear in the doorway down the dark hall. He trembled with excitement and hid the scroll in the kitchen cabinet next to the coffee.

After a sleepless night wildly messaging his friends to come over and see what he had uncovered, the young man walked out into the kitchen to find the paper unrolled on the counter. His mom had discovered his special hiding place. Of course. She asked him “Was this from the house down the way?”

Yeah, I put lemon juice on it and check it out!” The boy coated the paper with the juice from the fridge and the spell took form right before his mother’s eyes.

Inquisitively, she looked it all over, and it said: Rysáit salad wyau. “Huh,” she said as set the paper back down. “Well, what do you think it is?”

Mom, it’s gotta be a spell. I said the words and I felt my neck hairs rise up. It was freaking me out.”

Well, I tell you what.” His mother said wryly, “I’ll take this to their house and have them craft the spell. You can come with me if you want.”

In a most unusual turn of events the mom and the boy ended up in the couple’s home. Signs hung here and there, scrawled with the odd language found on the trick or treat paper, “Cenedl heb iaith, cenedl heb galon.The boy recited. The strange couple smiled at him and nodded. “When will you do the spell?” The boy was now quivering with anticipation.

Oh, the spell!” The strange woman said with some enthusiasm. “Well, I’ll do it now. If your mom will just keep you here I will do it in the kitchen.

They talked about dogs and the ocean for some time as the woman worked away in the kitchen. The smell of boiled eggs wafted through the air. “It’s ready!” She brought out a small bowl with a lid on and handed it to the boy. “It’s a magic egg salad. You’ll never want another so long as you live.” She winked at the mom and saw them through the door.

Whoa.” The boy admired the food as he walked his way home. “Wonder if it will give me super powers.”

You’ll be super strong for days!” His mom mussed up his hair and laughed.

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