Afal the Goat, part one.

Afal the goat was given life by Don, progenitor of many of the gods, and set down at the base of a mighty mountain. Afal was given the task of scaling the mountain, and in doing so overcome any obstacle thrown their way.

“If I am to do this, would I become, myself, a great God?” Afal asked of Don.

There was no answer directly, but Don pushed Afal forward, suggesting that the goat do not delay. Afal, fresh from divinity’s womb, sped up a gentle mountain path, and the colors Afal saw there were vibrant greens and browns and blues.

“What beauty.” Afal wondered, as their attention strayed. Afal slowed to take in the view and BONK ran head first into a vine covered tree, completely obstructing the way. There was no way around the low branches of the tree, and there did not seem to be a path behind the thing anyway. Perplexed, Afal sat a moment and thought this puzzle through.

“Maybe I will turn around and take another path.” Then Afal turned to see a swirl of mists obstructing the previously traveled mountain pass. “Well, there must be another way.” Afal sat on that spot for nearly a day when their stomach began to grumble. “I’ll eat the vine. I don’t think I would be set here with no food, and this must be delicious to eat.” Afal started gobbling the vine. It was good. So good, in fact, that soon Afal was at the top of the tree, finished eating all of the tasty vine.

“Bahh, what a pleasant surprise!” At the top of the tree began a path with a slightly steeper incline that Afal hopped to. Trusting in their gut would come in handy. And that is where, for the night, Afal lay; to rest and gather strength for this new path on the coming day.

What lies down the next, new path for Afal?

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