(Meta) The November challenge given to me.

This post is to let you know that a grove of my church, ADF (A Druid Fellowship), has issued a hefty challenge for NaNoWriMo: Write a prayer every day.

Now I am no clergy person (though the idea does not sound bad), so I have never thought to write a prayer. I never really prayed at all. I just perform personal rituals. Hey, at faith, I am new. Praying conjures up images in my mind of a small child kneeling bedside asking a god for 5 dollars and some candy. I fully hope (and expect) that by the end of the month, my mind will have changed.

I will write and post them pertaining to my hearth (Celtic neo-pagan, paying homage to Brigit, ManannĂ¡n Mac Lir, and Danu, primarily), and also tap into the hearths of the different, and many, Indo-European peoples.

I might even sprinkle in a story or two.

Willow Warbler.

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