After all.

[[meta] Providing prayer for confessors and for the guilty is very difficult to do. I remind you, we’ve all done something wrong. Some deeds deplorable, some barely wrong at all. These are deeply personal things, and to say this would even work at all is brazen. I submit this more as poetry.]


I come before you to admit my wrong. I pray we may continue, after all; But I leave this, in the end, up to you.

Before you I bear this wound. I fear I’ve caused one just as well, maybe deeper, hard to tell.

I know that what I’ve done may be enough to sever me from everything we’ve worked for. We’ve striven for. We’ve reached for.

I pray the ones I’ve wronged be made now happy, be made now whole, be made now strong.

I pray I’m ready for their burden. If they would have me, I go now to take it on. I hope you would help me, maybe, after all.

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