Wild Kelly, Illinois (1)

Aw Hell, I’m in the pen again.

Bad whisky… Ain’t sunshine in this jail here. Have to remember for next time. Don ‘t go getting in jail in St Louis. Got damn, I het Illinois.

No sun here and I sweat anyway. Guessin’ that cat fur’s a goner. Can’t move, scratches hurt so bad. Natchez better be there when I get to the river.

“HEY, SHERIFF! Can I have some water?

Hopin’ I didn’t do nothing too illegal.

Drunk in public? Well that is a lie! I was in a place of repEWtable business. Still drunk? Yeah I am – HAHAHA. MUgh. Can I bandage these scrashes?”

Bad whisky, but it does the job.

St Louis went an built a new railroad an’ a university. I recognize not one of these other drunkies in here. Man I would, I might go to Springfield, I get outta here and go see that Abraham Lincoln. Fightin’ Stephen Douglas in politics, oughta beat that ol’ boy. Don’t need no… Huh. Why do I care anyway about a slave? IIII just set here and wait to they let me out.

If they ever let me outta here.

That’ll be more ‘an I deserve.

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